Prohibited Services

Services that violate existing legislation

1. Services that violate existing legislation, together with those connected to:

1.1. Tobacco, tobacco product (including those supposed for consumption by heating or evaporation), smoking accessories (including e-cigarettes, electronic plant toxin delivery systems, devices for heating tobacco or nicotine-containing liquids, vapes and consumables for vapes, pipes, hookahs, cigaret paper) and any smoking mixture.

1.2. Alcoholic beverages of any kind.

1.3. Narcotics and mind-altering substances, their derivatives, similarly as any products related to them.

1.4. Stock trading, securities operations, cryptocurrencies and/or interchange markets:

– binary options, forex-related operations (including equipment, consulting and training);

– securities and cryptocurrencies (including their sales and/or any connected consulting or coaching services);

– monetary and/or trade goods pyramids, suspicious suggests that of generating financial gain or goods, similarly as any and every one related training.

1.5. Psychotherapeutic and medical care, together with people remedies and any of the following:

– treatment, interpretation of analyses and/or the preparation of prescriptions;

– the prescription of medicine and/or dietary supplements;

– medical consultations;

– the look and/or sale of organic process or exercise plans for healthful purposes;

– the sale, advertising and/or description of the utilization of medicines and dietary supplements, raw healthful materials and/or devices for treatment.

1.6. Explosive substances and/or materials, weapons (including hunting, pneumatic, civilian, airsoft, paintball, memento and ornamental weapons), any accessories for those weapons, or knives, aside from room knives, stationary knives and utility knives.

1.7. product and services supposed for adults (18+), together with ordering services for 18+ stores and sites, finding and/or giving add this sector.

1.8. Gambling, sports sporting, lotteries, risk-based games or betting (this conjointly includes any and every one instrumentality or services needed for his or her implementation).

1.9. The preparation and/or writing of educational works, scientific works, dissertations and/or any other works provided for by the state system of scientific certification, together with those necessary for college kids to receive intermediate or final certification. Taking tests and/or exams for third parties is additionally prohibited.

2. Fraud, spam, the other style of unauthorized advertising, similarly as unfair competition and misuse of superlative words in commission descriptions.

3. Services infringing upon the property rights and/or copyrights of others, including:

– the illegitimate use of trademarks;

– services that violate the terms of use and distribution of content. For example, information from such services as 2GIS, SpyWords and

4. Services that violate the rights of third parties, together with:

– people who violate the rights of voters to privacy or public order;

– those that violate ethical associated moral norms, or services of an obscene character;

– those that violate the respect and dignity, rights and/or de jure protected interests of others;

– services selected for the gathering and transmission of knowledge that’s prohibited from distribution, including personal data;

– the creation and distribution of cryptography devices, programs and/or any technical suggests that supposed for the key or unlawful attainment of information, as well as connected documents.

5. Posting materials that threaten or discredit other users. Services or materials that promote incitement to emotion or enmity, incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred, calls to political action and/or calls to violence.

6. Services regarding extremist materials and content containing Nazi symbols.

7. different services prohibited by law.

Unsupported Services on RobotLancer

1. The placement, posting and/or deletion of paid reviews and rated comments.

2. the employment of likes, subscribers, reposts, votes in polls and/or the other social media indicators obtained via black hat techniques and/or any means that will hurt a buyer’ community and/or account. This includes the sale and development of software package for these purposes. Organic account promotion is an exception to the current rule.

3. star divination and magic, together with witchcraft, numerology, fortune-telling, any varieties of rituals, divination services and/or predictions, the search and/or publicity of labor during this sector, different medicine, cults and different non secular services.

4. Psychological aid.

5. Dietetics, organic process and exercise plans.

6. assortment services.