Terms of Service

1. Any character of legal age can use the RobotLancer.com services. To create or order a RobotLancer, you have to check in with a legitimate electronic mail address or a social media account (Facebook).

2. Only one account is permitted in keeping with person. RobotLancer reserves the proper to delete reproduction debts.

3. Upon registration, you have to pick a legitimate login ID, which straight away turns into seen to all internet site customers. Login IDs can consist of Latin characters, numeric characters and unique characters (hyphen and underscore symbols). Login IDs have to now no longer consist of positive reserved words, swear words, translations or language deemed offensive to people or groups. RobotLancer reserves the proper to change login IDs that violate this rule.

4. As a person, you’re responsible for the statistics you post (texts, illustrations, videos, etc.). Upon registering at the RobotLancer website, you have to verify which you recognize your obligation and assure to reimburse any costs incurred with the aid of using the carrier in case copyright holders make claims in opposition to RobotLancer.com.

5. Profanity, vulgarity, unauthorized marketing and marketing, in addition to posting statistics and substances that negatively have an effect on RobotLancer internet site’s picture are prohibited. Materials that include threats and insults violate people’ proper to privacy, content material this is obscene in nature, that insults or demeans, that infringes the rights and lawful pursuits of others, that promotes or incites religious, racial, or ethnic hatred, or tries to incite hatred or violence, in addition to any substances that violate any laws (together with copyright) are strictly prohibited. The person is answerable for this kind of violation. The listing of unsupported offerings on RobotLancer. RobotLancer reserves the proper to cast off content material that violates any of its guidelines or laws.

6. RobotLancer reserves the proper to cast off any material (requests, RobotLancers, reviews, comments), in addition to freeze or delete the person with out presenting an explanation. In case of suspected unauthorized access, spam, or different suspicious pastime in your account, RobotLancer has the proper to freeze the account and budget withdrawal till the account is deemed to be secure again.

7. Disputed transactions and issues, together with economic matters, may be resolved through electronic mail or with the aid of using filing a request to the Support Team. The Support Team will examine the difficulty and practice the vital rules. If no rule exists to settle the query at hand, the selection might be made on a case-with the aid of using-case basis.

8. You agree now no longer to reveal the statistics you acquire even as being logged right into a RobotLancer account. This statistics consists of however isn’t restrained to: the specs and phrases of orders, private correspondence with different customers and RobotLancer management, etc. This rule has just a few exceptions: customers can also additionally submit information approximately their RobotLancer earnings, their RobotLancers, and different information concerning their debts if that statistics isn’t associated with or does now no longer point out different customers (e.g., statistics approximately different customers’ orders, private messages, etc.).

9. Active dealers at the internet site who earn an earnings with the aid of using supplying offerings and pleasant orders on RobotLancer.com have to manipulate their members of the family with authorities authorities, i.e., they’re answerable for acquiring a license (if needed), for all tax legal responsibility related to bills obtained from buyers, for coping with their taxes etc.

10. RobotLancer internet site customers do now no longer have the proper to apply unethical or disreputable marketing and marketing techniques to sell associate links, reproduction the RobotLancer internet site in entire or in part, or use the layout or logo of the RobotLancer website to lie to others. For greater statistics, see Affiliate Program Rules.

11. RobotLancer’s use of private information: Upon registering at the RobotLancer internet site, you compromise to have your private information saved and processed and to acquire statistics from RobotLancer, together with email newsletters. RobotLancer can accumulate, save and manner person information (cookies, information, identifiers) as had to perform the internet site, to efficiently put in force the associate program, and for promotional purposes.

The RobotLancer internet site makes use of Google Analytics to accumulate information on visitors. All person information is saved on stable servers; it isn’t furnished to 0.33 parties, besides whilst had to aid the operation of the RobotLancer internet site, for advertising purposes, and whilst required with the aid of using law. Users can disable cookies of their browser settings at any time. Note that disabling cookies can also additionally motive a few RobotLancer services to turn out to be unavailable.

12. You won’t sell, buy, gift, or proportion your RobotLancer account.

RobotLancer.com policy rules

  1. RobotLancer.com is a web platform wherever enterprises and people connect to conduct business through ad placement and freelance services, coordination, execution, and delivery of these services.
  2. One unit of service is termed “RobotLancer.” Sellers will specify the amount and scope of services they’re willing to perform for the mounted unit value of $10. this is often the value of 1 RobotLancer.

2.1. A RobotLancer may be a virtual service or set of services performed online. every RobotLancer is split into classes and subcategories. Users can search them handily on the RobotLancer website.

2.2. A vendor creates a RobotLancer with their account. to form a RobotLancer, you want to complete the shape on the RobotLancer creation page.

2.3. All RobotLancers are revealed on the web site for free.

2.4. every submitted RobotLancer must be approved by a moderator before it are often enclosed within the list of accessible RobotLancers. If a RobotLancer violates RobotLancer.com website rules, the moderator reserves the proper to change or delete aforementioned RobotLancer.

Moderation rules

2.5. once work in to the website, a vendor will suspend (hide) any of their RobotLancers if the service isn’t any longer relevant and/or cannot briefly be performed.

2.6. Sellers also can add additional choices to any of their RobotLancers, indicating every option’ value.

  1. every RobotLancer web site user are often a seller and a customer simultaneously.

3.1. A seller may be a RobotLancer website user that gives services (RobotLancers) at a set price of $10. Sellers produce RobotLancers themselves and post them on the RobotLancer website, wherever these offers become in public accessible to all or any users. Any buyer who wants the services offered in any RobotLancer can place an order for that RobotLancer. the vendor then receives the request and fulfills the order.

3.2. A customer may be a RobotLancer web site user who orders RobotLancers. A buyer selects the services they need from those offered on the RobotLancer website. They pay money for the services associated send the materials and data needed by the vendor to satisfy their order. A buyer conjointly negotiates all the conditions with a seller. A buyer can then receive their consummated order from the seller.

  1. All seller-buyer interactions (order, payment, negotiation of terms, acceptance of the performed service, etc.) happen on the RobotLancer website.

4.1. to position an order, a buyer selects an appropriate RobotLancer, chooses any extra choices (if available associated required), so clicks on “Order.”

4.2. consummated orders are paid by victimization the buyer’ main and bonus balances. Account balance is attributable using credit and/or debit cards or PayPal. Payment system takes a fee from this transaction. info concerning payment system’ charge is out there on the Payment page.

4.3. All orders are processed via secure transaction. All paid funds are placed in an written agreement account and transferred to the vendor solely once the work is completed. putting the other form of order isn’t doable on RobotLancer. it’s prohibited to perform unpaid (test) tasks and conduct transactions outside the order’ framework. Violations can lead to your account being fined and/or frozen.

4.4. the vendor receives a total up to the whole order price minus RobotLancer’ charge. The service fee rate is calculated severally for every order. It varies supported the total revenue between a customer and seller. the upper the revenue, the lower the service fee are in subsequent  transactions: revenue up to $500: 20% service fee; from $501 to $5,000: 12% service fee; over $5,001: 7.5% service fee.

4.5. Funds are withdrawn from the account balance at the vendor’ request. Funds is also transferred to Visa and Mastercard cards. The account balance page contains info concerning the fee and also the terms and limitations of withdrawals. Withdrawals are typically dead on Mondays and Thursdays. Withdrawals may be delayed on holidays and weekends. Funds transferred to your account balance from a credit/debit card are often withdrawn one month once they’re additional to your account balance.

4.6. each the seller and the customer have the proper to cancel any order by providing a sound reason for cancellation. Once the cancellation is confirmed, the payment can be refunded to the customer. If associate order is canceled because of delay, the funds are came back to the buyer directly while not the requirement for confirmation from the vendor.

4.7. By activating a RobotLancer for sale, the seller agrees to hold out all necessary services for all orders of the RobotLancer. the vendor doesn’t have the proper to refuse to sell a lively RobotLancer if the buyer fulfills all the RobotLancer’ requirements. the vendor provides their services to the buyer severally and bears full responsibility for the completion or non-completion of labor on all RobotLancer orders. It is prohibited to divide one order for identical service into many (i.e., creating duplicate orders) so as to by artificial means increase the whole variety of orders. In such cases, RobotLancer reserves the proper to punish RobotLancers and/or the user’ account.

4.8. If the order isn’t consummated or doesn’t befits the outline of the service per the RobotLancer, the customer has the right to come back the delivered order for revision to permit the vendor to change the work and re-submit it for the buyer’ approval.

4.9. Any disputes and disagreements between the seller and the buyer are resolved through negotiations or a Support Team specialist’ assistance. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the customer or the vendor has the proper to submit the dispute for arbitration.

4.10. to safeguard the privacy of our RobotLancer customers, all information is hold on anonymously. Request and provision of contact info (including name, surname, email address, mobile number, social media profile, etc.), also as agreeing to speak outside RobotLancer, isn’t allowed. Violation of those rules might result in a lower RobotLancer ranking, as well because the revocation of connects for a amount of your time up to at least one (1) year.

4.10.1 associate exception are created for the exchange of contact information if this is often necessary to complete the order. For instance: email address from AdSense to line up advertising campaigns; links to social media accounts with the aim of promoting it; Skype ID for practice services; and so forth the vendor should indicate the requirement certainly data ahead within the RobotLancer description or once replying to a buyer’ request.

4.11. Any exchange of knowledge and/or files for the fulfillment of the orders must happen at intervals RobotLancer.

4.12. The discussion of RobotLancer’ charge in correspondence between the customer and also the vendor usually happens to conduct a dealings outside of RobotLancer. Therefore, discussing RobotLancer’ charge rates is prohibited and should result in a decrease {in a|during a|in associate exceedingly|in a very} RobotLancer’ rating, also because the revocation of connects for a amount of your time up to at least one (1) year.

4.13. All property rights developed over the course of an order pass to the buyer once the palmy completion and payment of the order unless an alternate agreement is reached between the buyer and seller. the customer are thought-about the copyright owner. If intellectual property involves elements subject to licensing, the vendor is obligated to transfer the license or, if applicable, give the customer with an affordable warning concerning the requirement for the extra acquisition of a relevant license.

4.14. the vendor agrees that any and every one personal info received from the buyer is confidential and may not be transferred or used for any purpose although fulfilling the order itself.

4.15. Files provided in correspondence and also the form are hold on on RobotLancer for 6 (6) months, once that they’re deleted. Files from paid orders that the seller connected to the ultimate submission of associate order are kept.

4.16. If an order is resolved specified the vendor doesn’t receive payment (for example, the order was canceled because of the fault of 1 of the parties, by arbitration, or as a results of different circumstances), the customer does not have the proper to use any materials that were provided by the seller fully or in part. Violations can lead to the buyer’s account being fined and/or frozen.

4.17. In specific cases RobotLancer reserves the right to cover work from the user’ portfolio at its sole discretion.

4.18. the vendor is prohibited from dishonest  the customer concerning the service(s) they provide. For example, Google PageSpeed cloaking is prohibited in web site acceleration RobotLancers. Violations can lead to penalties associated/or the indefinite chilling of the violative RobotLancer and/or account.

  1. every seller has their own rating and level.

5.1. Once an order is fulfilled, the buyer will leave feedback concerning the seller. The buyer’ review and seller’ response to review are often altered or deleted by RobotLancer at its sole discretion. Positive and feedback influences the seller’ rating. The seller’ rating is displayed within the type of stars. It represents the opinion of patrons on the ability of a seller. Utilizing rating influence strategies that go against RobotLancer’ rules (for example, boosting one’ rating because of agreements between users) is prohibited. within the case a user is found to be participating in such activities, RobotLancer can apply penalties to their account.

5.2. Refusing to satisfy associate order while not a sound reason influences a seller’ rating negatively. A seller’ RobotLancers is also suspended (hidden) due to multiple consecutive refusals or neglected orders (the system mechanically cancels orders that receive no response from the seller).

5.3. The quantity and quality of completed orders have an effect on the extent of a user. New vendors begin at a “Newbie” level. once finishing ten orders with no quite 10% feedback and unsuccessful orders, a seller moves to the “Advanced” level. once fulfilling fifty orders with below 8% negative feedback and unsuccessful orders, a seller advances to the “Professional” level.

5.4. A RobotLancer should have a minimum of eight completed orders to receive the RobotLancer’ alternative badge. the subsequent rating necessities must even be met: Reviews ought to be larger than 63%, Conversion should be greater than 50%, and dependability should be larger than 95%.  Furthermore, you want to maintain a 90% or higher response rate to customer inquiries within the past half dozen months.

5.5. Any vendor will raise a buyer to rate an order. Asking a buyer to go away regeneration on a completed order is prohibited.

  1. Dispute settlement (arbitration).

6.1. If buyer and seller cannot settle a dispute on their own, they will submit the dispute for arbitration.

6.2. To submit a dispute for arbitration, please click the arbitration link beneath Help, indicate the relevant category, and fill out the form. This link appears once the order standing is “Waiting for approval”. you’ll be able to conjointly request arbitration by causation an form through the feedback form, on-line chat, or by sending an email to [email protected] marked “For Arbitration.” the applying ought to contain the applicant’ login ID, login ID of the opposite party within the dispute, variety of controversial orders, and facts supporting your position.

6.3. the applying are forwarded to a competent RobotLancer worker (the arbitrator) to judge and resolve the dispute. a choice will be reached at intervals three business days; however, now amount is also extended in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

6.4. The intercessors examine info and messages involving the order so request the opinion of each parties concerned (if necessary). The arbitrator can look for objective information on similar services and compare it with in public offered sources.

6.5. The arbitrators will measure whether or not the work was performed in keeping with the order conditions (service description and necessities mentioned in correspondence), objective work quality, and compliance with RobotLancer web site rules.

6.6. Arbitrators don’t evaluate the finished order’ inventive part (lines, fonts, writing style, etc.). Exception: the work objectively doesn’t correspond to the standards of the seller’ portfolio.

6.7. associate order is taken into account complete once the vendor has completed the work in keeping with the service’ description and scope.

6.7.1. Sellers should take away any inconsistencies on their RobotLancer’ page as shortly as they’re identified. within the event of an inconsistency involving a RobotLancer’s scope, point (delivery time), or price, the data indicated in the several dedicated field shall prevail and take precedence over all else. For example, if a seller writes in their RobotLancer’s description that the scope of their RobotLancer is 1,000 words however indicate 2,000 words in the dedicated Scope of 1 RobotLancer field, then verity scope {of one|of one} RobotLancer is taken into account 2,000 words. All different disputes or conflicts arising from such inconsistencies or discrepancies shall be resolved within the favor of the buyer.

6.7.2. If the buyer’ assignment differs in description associated scope from the service represented by the vendor and also the seller accepted the order, priority is given to the buyer’ assignment. Assignments are often given over correspondence before an order is placed, also as once ordering a RobotLancer.

6.7.3. All further work completed on the far side the first agreement’ scope is completed at the seller’ sole discretion and should need further payment as given with the buyer. This doesn’t apply to the correction and/or revision of errors on the initial assignment.

6.7.4. In services concerning the attraction of subscribers/friends/viewers on social media, alittle proportion of unsubscriptions is permissible at intervals a amount of 1 month once ordering. If the vendor has not expressly indicated this unsubscription percentage, it’s considered to be no quite 5%.

6.8. If objective and measurable indicators of completed work are found to be poor (i.e., frequent errors, slow code, etc.), the order is taken into account incomplete.

6.9. once acting on associate order, the vendor ought to ne’er take action that would hurt the customer. For example, the seller mustn’t create edits or transfer files that would damage the positioning or the aforementioned site users whereas operating with site accesses. If the buyer is found to own been hurt by the seller, the intercessor can cancel the order, and also the seller’ account are fined and/or frozen.

6.10. If the seller performs a service, however the buyer has no chance to visualize it (there isn’t any report or final work product), the order will be thought-about unfulfilled.

6.11. just in case severe violations of the foundations within the order occur (e.g. order of services not supported by RobotLancer, a faux or suspicious order), the intercessor has the proper to cancel the order associated apply sanctions to each parties. Funds for such an order are far from the vendor’ balance and came back to the customer, notwithstanding the order’ time and also the destination of the funds on the seller’ balance.

6.12. If the seller and the buyer have come back to a mutual agreement concerning partial payment for the order, the RobotLancer’ arbitration employees can decide based on the needs of each parties and also the rules of service.

6.13. the customer invariably has the proper to go away feedback concerning associate order settled through arbitration, even though arbitration is determined in favor of the seller. The exception to the present rule is once the buyer expands the order necessities on the far side the initial scope of services.

the foundations and terms of service are offered on the web site and should be modified by RobotLancer management while not notice.