Looking To Partner With A Software Developer

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Project detail

I’m looking to get a very simple software saas product built that should only take a few days to finish. I do not have the start up capital to fund getting this built so i’m looking for someone that will build the initial beta version of the product in exchange for equity in the company. You’ll be a partner and share in the equity and company revenue. I am ready to market this product HARD to companies here in the US and I think the company is going to explode.

Here’s what I’m looking to get built..

I have a huge database, mainly on google spreadsheets. I’m looking to create a software that will allow users to log into the software and use filters to pull a list of data from my data base. I also want them to be able to download that list onto their computer or an excel file. I also want there to be a password protected login for users since this will be a paid product.

Please research the company “ZoomInfo” that is what we’re basically looking to build.

I have all the data, I just want a software that has a user interface that will allow the users to filter and pull data from my database and then download that list to their computer.

The software doesn’t have to look pretty it just has to work. I’m looking for a very very basic, cheap version of this.

Reply to this post if you’re interested in talking.

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