Electronic device testing and prototyping

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelExpensive
  • Project deadlineExpired

Project detail

This is perhaps the last stage of prototyping and testing for pre-commercialization. It will include testing the circuit and design of the eReceiver. It will include building and developing a final 3D printing file (you won’t have to print it), it will include testing and building a final actual model on your own (you won’t have to build it). Just test, edit, change and finalize the model for pre-commercialization. In this sense, the device would have to work with software, database and a website. The software parts must be completed and functional and work with the device.

I can’t spend a lot of time with back and forth questions and misconceptions so time and experience is important. You must be smoked, ready and willing. What the deliverables are:

1. Extensive Documentation showing testing, prototyping and progress on how the device was tested against industry standards and the mechanical/electrical science. To this end, payment will be disbursed if and ONLY IF the work provided includes and ends with with the final proof of concept documentation for for eReceiver. That is, testing, prototyping and troubleshooting till it works and evidence of it whether by photos or simulation,

2. The actual creation of the website and mobile app applications to work with this device along with the database. Nothing too flashy. Standard operations and industry standards for it is fine. Smooth and robust operation.

If I have to go into length to discuss what I need, then this any very well not work out. Serious offers only. If you submit work for this project and there isn’t enough evidence or research done or it is deemed that further documents and files are needed for this phase, you will have to complete it to be eligible for payment. It goes without saying that you have to work to the goal of these deliverables in the sense that it is acceptable, professional and it is pre-commercial. This is “ready for the board meeting” level readiness. I’m paying for concise, completion of this project as outlined and deemed by me, not your time or efforts.

Thank you all and may the best fit get this job.

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