RobotLancer Approval Process

RobotLancers are approved manually so as of submission.

Our Support Team approves all new and altered RobotLancers. If we discover a slip in a full of life RobotLancer, we are going to send it back for reapproval.

betting on the work of RobotLancer workers members, the length of the approval method could vary from a number of minutes to many hours. RobotLancers may take up to several days to be approved on weekends and holidays.

RobotLancers are either activated or rejected once the approval process. If a RobotLancer is rejected, the support specialist who reviewed the RobotLancer will indicate the explanations for rejection. A RobotLancer may be resubmitted for approval once it’s altered to accommodates web site rules.

purchaser requests announce on the Exchange bear an equivalent approval method as RobotLancers.

Please follow these rules once making RobotLancers:

1. Services enclosed in RobotLancer’ list of prohibited services, further as content prohibited in our Terms of Service, might not be published.

2. every RobotLancer ought to contain a) just one service, or b) a gaggle of reticulate and complementary services offered together. differing kinds of services should be listed as separate RobotLancers.

3. The text of a RobotLancer ought to be clearly written, intelligible, and error-free.

4. A RobotLancer’ title should accurately mirror the service being offered.

5. A RobotLancer mustn’t contain contradictory information. For example, if a merchandiser mentions the value of their RobotLancer within the RobotLancer’ description, that price should be in keeping with the price in the RobotLancer’ price field.

6. every RobotLancer should clearly indicate the quantity of labor enclosed in one RobotLancer or 1 package with none additional options.

7. it’s prohibited to duplicate RobotLancers and/or copy content from another RobotLancer, be it text, videos, photos, or different material. A RobotLancer is taken into account a reproduction if quite 70% of its content is derived from another RobotLancer within the same category.

8. All pictures and videos during a RobotLancer ought to be relevant and mirror the service being offered or show work samples. pictures or videos should be high-quality and meet the subsequent standards:

8.1 pictures or videos should be sharp (no blurriness);

8.2 Text mustn’t be bring to a halt and should be legible, even on the tiny fingernail of every RobotLancer displayed in the Marketplace;

8.3 pictures or videos should not contain tatty and/or psychedelic colours or hypnotic backgrounds;

8.4 pictures or videos mustn’t contain or depict prohibited content. Please notice a whole list of prohibited services here.

8.5 pictures or videos should not contain watermarks and get in touch with data (e.g. a phone number, website, social media handle, etc.), links to websites along with your contact information, or requests for purchaser contact information;

8.6 Text should not cowl quite 50% of the image.

9. The RobotLancer brand might not be used once making a RobotLancer, except in work samples.

10. RobotLancers may not contain contact information (unless contact information is needed to finish the service). it’s prohibited to encourage consumers to contact the vendor before putting associate order, or purchase the service off of RobotLancer.

11. All extra services mentioned during a RobotLancer should be created offered as additional choices.

12. additional options mustn’t be redundant. In different words, they will not overlap with the most services provided within the RobotLancer, nor with other extra options.

13. for a few varieties of services (for example, social media promotion), the seller ought to indicate a warranted quantity of labor just in case of contingencies: a definite range of subscribers, backlinks, and so on This amount ought to be bigger than or up to 60% of the quantity of labor indicated within the Scope of this RobotLancer field.

14. Results certainly RobotLancers is also onerous to verify. during this case, a RobotLancer should clearly indicate however the vendor can offer proof of work or completion.

15. The text of a RobotLancer should not solicit reviews, provide to finish the RobotLancer for free, nor offer gifts, perks, or “bonuses” that are not possible to execute through RobotLancer. Sellers could offer associate inflated amount of work for an equivalent price as a bonus. However, providing a bonus in exchange for a review is forbidden.

16. All components of a RobotLancer ought to be composed in English (with the exception of non-English names, brands, and work samples that can’t be translated).

17. The class a RobotLancer is listed in should correspond on to the most service(s) provided within the RobotLancer.

18. RobotLancers might not contain offers to judge the value or delivery time for a buyer’ project. Delivery times and costs are already indicated elsewhere in the RobotLancer.

RobotLancer retains the correct to edit, suspend, or delete RobotLancers that violate RobotLancer’ Terms of Service and/or any applicable legislation.