SEO, WEB Expert
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I have experience designing logos, HTML markups, website design, web development, SEO assistant, content editor & writer, e-commerce manager before becoming a freelance SEO and…

Web & Apps Developer - SEO Expert
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Are you looking for competitive Web or Mobile app or UI/UX design for your business growth? ——————————————- Bang Bang! you are at the right place…

I will be your professional social media manager

Hi everyone, I’m here to help entrepreneurs grow their business by managing their Social Media Accounts and creating creative content. Social Media presence is the…

Expert in Wordpress
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I am Ahnaf and have been working as a WordPress website developer. Putting together a perfect design and programming combination is my first priority. I…

Data entry
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  • Bangladesh
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Hi I am Mita. I have three years experience about power point presentation slide design, ms word, data entry and mood board design. I also…